PRUlink Unit Pricing

Last Updated Date: 01-Jul-2008
Fund Name Currency Price First Effective Date
PRUlink Rupiah Managed Fund IDR 3,810.17 20-Apr-1999
PRUlink USD Fixed Income Fund USD 1.71366 20-Apr-1999
PRUlink Rupiah Equity Fund IDR 6,688.07 25-Apr-2000
PRUlink Rupiah Fixed Income Fund IDR 2,242.05 25-Apr-2000
PRUlink Rupiah Cash Fund IDR 2,011.78 25-Apr-2000
PRUlink Syariah Rupiah Managed Fund IDR 1,108.56 06-Sep-2007
PRUlink Syariah Rupiah Equity Fund IDR 1,167.54 06-Sep-2007
PRUlink Syariah Rupiah Cash & Bond Fund IDR 1,032.16 06-Sep-2007
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PRUlink funds are specially selected investment funds to complement unit-linked products (PRUlink investor account and PRUlink assurance account), while PRU syariah funds are to complement unit-linked syariah products (PRUlink syariah investor account and PRUlink syariah assurance account) managed by PT Prudential Life Assurance.

The investment plans let you choose how your premiums or contributions will be invested in a variety of funds. This means you and your loved ones can enjoy the best of both worlds - insurance protection and investment or syariah investment.

With potentially higher returns, you could plan for a cosy retirement, your children's tertiary education or whatever you truly desire. You also have the flexibility to realise some of your cash values if you have a sudden need for it.

With a wide variety of PRUlink and PRU syariah fund offerings, you can easily select those that suit your individual needs and risk profile. Seize the opportunity to make your money work even harder for you! And enjoy peace of mind by having the protection that you and your family deserve.

Now, there are 5 PRUlink investment funds you can choose from or you can make combination:

and 3 PRU syariah investment fund:

This product provides you the freedom to choose the investment funds or syariah investment funds to optimize the investment return, taking into account the Policyholder requirements and risk profile.